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So What is Content Nitrous
And What Can it do For me?

Content Nitrous is a COMPLETE SYSTEM composed of an eBook an audio course and 4 training videos... PLUS the Nitrous WordPress plugin. The plugin enables you to automate and very simply MONETIZE all your sites with HIGH TICKET content at the click of a button.

We've personally been using this Plugin and system for a LONG time, as we had early beta access, and we can ASSURE you that this works - BIG TIME!

I would estimate we've made well over SIX figures in ADDITIONAL income that would otherwise have been lost, in the time we've been using this!

Right now during this special launch period, you get EVERYTHING for only $14.95...


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Scarcity Injector - Plugin!

This awesome and powerful Wordpress Plugin will allow you to Quickly and Easily inject scarcity in any page on your site… Making it very simple to double, triple or even quadruple your sales!

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, with 'Scarcity Injector' you can create smart countdown timers that create urgency. This urgency will boost your sales massively!


Animated Social Popper - Plugin!

Convert all your qualified traffic to increase your social/like/Follow conversions with eye-grabbing animated social popups that activate at the bottom of your site.

Upon reaching the bottom of the page your captivated viewers will be drawn to this convenient pop up. There are loads of animated eye-catching effects that will draw attention to the popup.


Sales Optimizer Booster - Plugin!

Take Full Control Over Your CTA Sales Buttons to Gain Powerful Insights to Optimize Your Sales!

Control an unlimited amount of highly customized sales buttons inside your Wordpress blog. Simple to use 'User Interface' makes managing a breeze!

Completely optimized for Desktop and Mobile screens. Full control over every piece of your sales button all inside your WordPress site!


Local Deal Builder - Wordpress Theme!

This Local Deal Buider Wordpress theme is the fastest way to cash in on the local deal craze by starting your own deal site that has insane list building power.

In just a few moments you can build your own 'deals' with built in countdown and number scarcity, plus social integration, as well as all the other features that a deal website would have. The only difference is that you can set these up in minutes instead of weeks with this very simple to use Wordpress theme!


Lead Capture Elite - Plugin!

Using a simple 3 step system, you can create unlimited custom landing pages using the easy to use admin option panel on all of your Wordpress sites. Yes, just 3 steps and it's done!

This has to be one of the simplest, yet most effective plugins out there, in just seconds you can create as many custom landing pages as you like!


Animated Lead Optin Pro - Plugin!

Grab the ATTENTION of all the traffic you send to the highly optimized landing page.

This attention grabbing plugin draws the eye to the form box with animated text. Behold the perfect tool to increase your conversions in seconds. This professional landing page creator beautifully integrates the optin box with your video, logo, pictures and more.


Affiliate Builder Pro - Plugin!

JV recruitment is an integral component of having any products online. Most people fail at launching products because they lack affiliates that will mail for them.

This Wordpress Plugin and additional training will show you EXACTLY how to recruit and equip and army of super affiliates to promote for you.

Affiliate Builder includes and unlimited site license to the all new WordPress plugin that instantly create beautiful promo tools pages for your JV’s and affiliates to personalize and promote YOUR products!


Advanced Marketing Methods!

These 4 video tutorials will cover topics that are not usually found in newbie courses because they deal with more advanced tactics.

You'll learn how to create Unbeatable Bonuses to win launch contests. Mastering Webinars for adding an additional 6 figures per year to your bottom line. Bad Ass Video Creation so you no longer look like a newbie and Online Persuasion Principles to take your conversion rates and EPC's into super affiliate status!


Landing Pages That Convert!

Having  proper landing pages is detrimental to your business because this is the entry point for ALL of your customers and prospects. In "Landing Pages That Converts" you'll learn about the landing page system and how it can provide a uniquely powerful system through which you can derive profit from multiple streams. You'll learn what you need to get started in creating those landing pages and about the types of themes you should have, how to make the page convert and will also include some tips on how to increase the conversions.


Affiliate Marketing Overview!

Affiliate marketing is comprises a good 40 to 50% of any reputable marketers income. There is a lot of money to be made promoting other peoples products to your list.

In this report, you’re going to learn the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how to choose profitable niches, how to choose the right affiliate products to promote, and how to get traffic to your offers. Everything you're going to learn will require little or no upfront investment, and very little technical knowledge. These are very basic techniques that absolutely anyone can learn! 


Quick Start Email Marketing!

When it comes to making money online and maximizing your ability to tap into some of the most profitable niche markets, developing a targeted subscriber base of responsive subscribers and customers is an important component in your marketing arsenal.

List building is all about connecting with your target audience by offering them high quality information and consistently working towards building a strong relationship with each and every subscriber. Imagine the potential when you have an active subscriber base, right at your fingertips, that you can email them any time you like with fresh offers, high quality content and valuable resources.


Strategic Traffic Generation!

When it comes to building an online business, being able to generate targeted, quality traffic is vital to your success. Even if you are not currently promoting a product or service of your own, but are instead involved in affiliate marketing or CPA offers, you still need to be able to generate traffic in order to create profitable campaigns.

Thankfully, setting up effective traffic campaigns isn’t difficult or expensive. In fact, you can build a high-powered traffic funnel absolutely free if you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort into taking a grassroots approach to online marketing. Learn what the most effective traffic generation methods are.


Social Networking Tycoon!

Social networks have created a communication boom that makes the printing press pale by comparison. Today's businesses MUST utilize the social networks to build their customer base.

There is a right way to do social networking and there is a wrong way. Actually, there are a lot of ways to do both and thats where Social Networking Tycoon comes in. This collection of articles will demystify the process of social networking for you regardless of what level you are at with the scaling of your business.


Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator!

This Software App is AWESOME!

Simply, select your ads via check box, enter your ClickBank ID, select how many ads you would like to be displayed at any one time and choose your display options, such as borders, spacing and alignment, then hit the 'Generate Code' button and you have the code that will randomly display all the HIGHLY converting ads you selected, earning you ADDITIONAL affiliate commissions, straight into your ClickBank account every single week!

You get Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator.

$286 VALUE

Lifetime Access to CB Affiliate Master!

ClickBank Affiliate Master allows your affiliates to promote multiple products and pages via a single ClickBank account. This means you can have have affiliates promote any page you choose via a single ClickBank ‘hoplink’, allowing you to personalize discount pages for your affiliates.

This gives you MASSIVE additional leverage when you are trying to recruit BIG JV's to promote your product, allowing you to offer a personalized page for your JV's subscribers only!


150,000 Articles With Full PLR Rights!

Yes, you read that right, that's 150,000 articles with FULL PRIVATE LABEL Rights, so you can do whatever you like with them!

We all know that submitting articles is a great way of generating continuous, HIGH QUALITY traffic, and high quality traffic is ESSENTIAL when launching any product, or building momentum to any online venture for that matter! With this MASSIVE article package you'll never need to buy or write another article for a long, LONG TIME!

$497 VALUE

45 Day Traffic Plan Video Training!

Just imagine the power of traffic you'll have at your fingertips with this Complete Traffic Plan Workshop!

In this complete workshop you'll get over 100 HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC TRAINING VIDEOS created by a traffic expert who is making 7 figures online using the very same methods that you’ll learn in this AWESOME course! This is a VERY comprehensive, yet VERY simple to follow course that will get you to start PROFITING in just 45 days.

$497 VALUE

Lifetime Access to Total Web Traffic!

Learn How to get Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic Going Straight to Your Website, Auction, Blog, Adverts or Squeeze Page!

Total Web Traffic is a comprehensive membership website, packed with loads and LOADS of HIGH Quality and Simple to Follow training in multiple formats, plus literally HUNDREDS of traffic generation tactics. This training has helped HUNDREDS of people succeed in traffic generation, whether they are experienced or a total beginner! This is GUARANTEED to help you to succeed with all your traffic generation efforts, now and in the future!


50 Landing Page Templates!

Landing pages are essential for any product, as well as many other applications, so we have created a MASSIVE package of over 50 landing page templates, complete with loads and loads of graphics that can help your landing page look the part in the shortest time possible.

You can use these templates however you choose, on as many product launches as you need to, now and in the future! PLUS, we'll also throw in Resell Rights with these, so you can sell them on for additional profit.


WP Master Pro - Wordpress Training!

Using and working with Wordpress can sometimes be a bit tricky if you're not used to it, so why waste time learning all about it when you can have everything you need to know in one place!

This is a series of 20 simple to follow training videos that will help you get the very most from your wordpress sites. You'll learn absolutely everything from SCRATCH, so even if you're a very beginner you'll be able to follow this training without as problem.


Plus One Final Top Secret Bonus From John

John Thornhill's Mystery Bonus!

I have so many products and services that I could offer here that there's almost too many to mention. However I do have some exclusive training that I know will help you. As it's a little top secret I can't mention it here but let me tell you that this training has changed lives and taken people from absolute beginner to accomplished Internet Marketer. All will be revealed inside.

Claim Your Content Nitrous Bonus HerePLUS - You Also Get a Special 50% Discount With The Code "HappyNewYear'


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If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your BONUS, then the affiliate ID on the order page must be EITHER 7892 or 1537 as shown in the image below.

Claim Your Content Nitrous Bonus HerePLUS - You Also Get a Special 50% Discount With The Code "HappyNewYear'

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With The Code "HappyNewYear'
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